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14 Trap Bar Deadlift Benefits – Why It Should Be in Your Strength Training Routine

The trap bar deadlift has gained significant popularity as a strength exercise in recent years, and for good reason. It offers a plethora of unique advantages that make it stand out compared to traditional barbell deadlifting. If you haven’t incorporated trap bar deadlifts into your routine yet, understanding the multitude of benefits it provides will …

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What is a Trap Bar? The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Using this Unique Strength Training Tool

If you’re new to strength training, you may find yourself wondering – what is a trap bar? What exercises can you do with it? And what are the benefits of training with this unique barbell variation? 

In this complete beginner’s guide, we’ll dig into everything you need to know about this versatile strength training tool to help you decide if adding trap bar training to your routine is right for your fitness goals.