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My Honest Human Touch Foot Massager Review 2024

As someone who spends a lot of time on their feet for work, dealing with aches and pains in my legs and feet has become an unfortunate daily reality. I had heard good things about foot massagers but was always hesitant to spend the money on one. That all changed when my partner surprised me with the Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot & Calf Massager for my birthday. I’ve now been using it regularly for about 6 months, so I feel I can give an honest and thoroughly tested review.

Human Touch Foot Massager Review


  • Optional heated air helps relax muscles and increase blood flow
  • Generously sized foot wells accommodate up to men’s size 12
  • Well-built and durable with high-quality mechanical components
  • Simple and intuitive controls with auto-restart massage cycles
  • Effectively relieves aches, pains, tightness from active jobs/lifestyles
  • Comprehensive massage is incredibly relaxing after long days


  • Heavy and not very portable at 25 lbs
  • No option for extra-long continuous massage cycles
  • Calf massage doesn’t extend all the way up to knees
  • Initial foot roller intensity may be overwhelming for some

Out of the Box

Human Touch Foot Massager Review

The massager arrived well-packaged in a fairly large box. At 25 pounds, it has a substantial weight to it which speaks to its sturdy construction. However, this heft also makes it not the most portable or easy to move around frequently. Once I got it out of the packaging, I was impressed by the sleek design combining black and brown tones. It looks nice enough to keep out, though it’s a bit bulky for smaller spaces.

Setup was extremely easy – just plug it in and you’re ready to go. The only piece of “assembly” is inserting the removable sleeve inserts into the foot chambers, which is simple and allows you to keep things clean. I appreciated being able to use it right out of the box with no complicated setup.

Using the Human Touch SOL

The first thing I noticed when turning on the Human Touch SOL was how quiet and smooth the motions were compared to some other foot massagers I’ve tried. There’s no loud grinding or knocking, just a gentle whirring as the mechanical components go to work.

Insert your feet into the generously-sized foot wells (they can accommodate up to a men’s size 12 shoe) and you’re treated to a comprehensive foot massage using a variety of motions and massage nodes. There are pivoting foot and calf massage mechanisms that provide a kneading shiatsu-style massage by compressing in a figure-8 motion. This is combined with spinning foot-bed rollers that knead the arches and soles.

In addition to the foot massage, the Human Touch SOL also provides calf massage courtesy of spinning discs that press into your calf muscles up to about the mid-calf area. Those with longer calves may not get full coverage, but I’m 5’10” and it hits the spots that tend to get tight and knotted for me.

One of my favorite features is the vibration massage that can be added on top of the main compression massage. It helps work out any remaining tightness and just feels great, especially on the arches and balls of the feet. The vibration has gotten quite strong use in my case!

There’s also an option for heated air that helps relax muscles and increase blood flow. I don’t use this as frequently in warmer months, but it’s a nice bonus for cold winter nights when my feet and calves feel especially stiff.

In total there are 5 pre-programmed massage modes that automatically cycle through various combinations of the compression foot rollers, calf discs, and vibration. You can also customize the intensity from low to high depending on your preferred pressure level. I tend to use the higher intensities as I like a deep, intensive massage.

Ease of Use

Human Touch Foot Massager Review

Using the Human Touch Foot Massager really couldn’t be simpler. Just slide your feet in, select your desired massage mode and intensity, and relax for the 15 minute automatic cycle. The control panel is straightforward with clearly labeled buttons. My only gripe is it would be nice to have the option for a longer continuous massage cycle instead of having to restart it after 15 minutes.

I typically use the SOL while sitting in my recliner after getting home from work. The massage mechanism is angled well for keeping your legs elevated, which I find helps reduce any remaining tension and swelling from being on my feet all day. The massager’s solid build means it stays sturdy and stable with no sliding around.

When I first started using it, the intense foot roller massage took a little getting used to, even on lower settings. But after a few sessions, my arches and soles acclimated to the firm pressure and it started feeling great rather than overwhelmingly intense. I’d advise new users to give it a few tries before judging the pressure levels.

Noise really isn’t an issue. Yes, you can hear the mechanical whirring during the more intense compression modes, but it’s not disruptively loud by any means. It just blends into comfortable background noise for me now when providing that satisfying deep massage.


Human Touch Foot Massager Review

So how well does the Human Touch Reflex SOL actually relieve foot and leg aches and pains? In my experience, impressively well. After a long day of being on my feet, I’ve found nothing Better at providing relief for my sore arches, achey soles, and tight calf muscles. The combination of compression, heat, vibration, and varied massage motions really gets into the muscles in a way a simple vibrating massage can’t match.

My feet and calves quite literally feel like they’ve had a professional massage after each session in the SOL. The aches and tightness dissipate, replaced by a relaxed, restored feeling thanks to improved circulation and tension release. I get fewer nights of throbbing foot pain and cramped calf muscles. My recovery time is faster for when I do experience foot or leg discomfort related to my job.

On top of the physical relief, using the massager is just a great way to unwind mentally after work while taking a load off my feet and calves. The soothing massage motions combined with the option for gentle heat provide a relaxing transition into evening leisure time. It’s a simple pleasure, but an effective one for reducing physical and mental stress.

Durability Concerns

In my few months of frequent use so far, the Human Touch SOL has proven to be well-constructed and built to last. The high-quality mechanical components and solid housing give me confidence it will remain operational and effective for years with proper care and maintenance.

I have noticed a couple of extremely minor mechanical squeaks developing recently when the foot rollers retract. However, this doesn’t impact performance at all and seems to be just the kind of material friction you’d expect over time with a machine that receives heavy use. Not even worth fretting over.

Some have complained about the SOL being excessively loud during the vibration mode, but I haven’t found this to be the case. Yes, it’s not silent, but to me it produces an unobtrusive, relatively quiet hum during vibration. I don’t have issues watching TV or listening to music while using it. But those sensitive to noise may want to consider this.

My only real gripe is wanting even more compression power and coverage for the calves. The calf massage is great and works wonders for nights when my calves are knotted up. But I’ve got thick, strong calves from an active job, and feel like I could use an even more intense massage at times. This is just me being greedy though after experiencing the blissful relief this machine provides!

Overall Value

At around $300, the Human Touch Reflex SOL is undoubtedly an investment and one of the more expensive foot massagers on the market. You’re paying for the premium brand name as well as the versatile heat, compression, and vibration features.

However, in my opinion, it has proven to be worth every penny through providing the most effective relief and recovery for my tired, overworked feet and calves that I’ve ever experienced in a massager. The quality construction and comprehensive design allow it to thoroughly massage muscles that basic vibrating or rolling units simply can’t reach.

While there are certainly more budget-friendly foot massager options out there, those tend to be more limited in terms of massage modes and intensity. I’ve found you get what you pay for. After returning an unsatisfying cheaper model, the splurge on the Human Touch SOL has delivered exceptional value through its unmatched massage performance.

For those with disposable income who suffer from foot/leg pain related to their job, active lifestyle, or medical conditions like plantar fasciitis or neuropathy, the Human Touch SOL could be a wise investment in long-term relief and prevention of further issues. Its deep-tissue massage capabilities provide healthcare benefits that make it much more than a frivolous luxury purchase.

Bottom Line

Line Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend the Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot & Calf Massager to anyone looking to treat their hard-working feet and legs. In my experience, it has delivered incredible relief from aches, pains, tightness and tension through its multi-mode massage technology.

While it’s an investment at around $300, I’ve found the Human Touch SOL to provide exceptional value through its durable construction, versatile features, and unmatched massage proficiency. Cheaper foot massagers I’ve tried simply can’t compete with the intense yet customizable compression, vibration and heat therapies this model delivers.

In my case, the almost nightly use of the Human Touch foot massager has become an essential part of my self-care and recovery routine. It flushes out the aches, knots and fatigue accumulated during long work days in a way that stretching, icing or pharmaceuticals alone could never replicate. I look forward to unwinding with the soothing, revitalizing massage after clocking out.

My only real criticism is that I actually wish the calf massage component was even more intense and offered more coverage up towards the knee. As someone with very thick, strong calves, I could use just a little extra power and range there. But that’s just me being greedy after experiencing the sublime relief the SOL already provides my tired dogs.

I’m confident this well-built, premium massager will be a trusted companion for years of foot and leg pampering to come. The freedom from persistent aches, pains and tension is more than worth the investment cost in my book. I can’t recommend the Human Touch Reflex SOL enough for those seeking next-level foot/calf massage therapy in the comfort of their own home.

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