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My Honest HoMedics Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Massager Review 2024

As someone who spends a lot of time on their feet, foot pain and fatigue are constant struggles for me. I’ve tried all sorts of remedies over the years – from fancy insoles to massage balls to just plain old resting. But nothing has provided quite as much relief as the HoMedics Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat. So, let me share my honest experience in this homedics foot massager review!

My Honest HoMedics Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Massager Review


  • Powerful shiatsu massage with 10 firm rotating nodes
  • Soothing heat therapy enhances relaxation
  • Compact and portable design
  • Long 9-foot power cord for convenience
  • Helps relieve plantar fasciitis and foot pain
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Easy to use with toe-touch controls
  • Great for daily use after being on your feet


  • Noise from whirring massage heads
  • No contoured footbed to keep feet positioned
  • Heat takes 10-15 minutes to build up

Unboxing and First Impressions

When this nifty little foot massage machine first arrived at my doorstep, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. It looked unassuming – just a simple white plastic unit with a few protruding knobs. But after giving it a go, I quickly became a believer in its foot-pampering powers.

Easy Setup and Operation

The setup couldn’t be easier – just plug it in and you’re ready to go. The massager has a nice weighted base that keeps it sturdy and stable as the massage nodes get to work. There’s a single toe-touch control button that lets you cycle through the off, massage only, and massage with heat settings.

Powerful Shiatsu Massage Action

My Honest HoMedics Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Massager Review

I started on the basic massage mode to get a feel for the intensity. The four rotating massage heads have a total of 10 firm nodes that knead the soles of your feet in an invigorating shiatsu style. The movement reminds me of a cat kneading with its paws – applying targeted pressure and releasing tension.

At first I was a bit taken aback by how vigorous the massage felt. The nodes really dig into the muscles and put firm pressure on key acupressure points from heel to toe. It’s definitely not a gentle, surface-level rub! But as someone with chronic foot issues, I appreciated the deep, penetrating massage right off the bat.

Massage Intensity Tip – For those looking for a less intense experience, the massager works great through socks. The fabric buffers the pressure just a bit. And you’ll definitely want to wear some kind of covering – using it directly on bare skin is uncomfortably abrasive on the soles.

Soothing Heat Therapy

Once I got accustomed to the rhythmic kneading action, I moved on to the heat mode. Unlike some massagers that use space-age infrared heat or fancy heating elements, this one warms up via those good old incandescent bulbs under the hoods. There’s no instantaneous hot sensation – it takes 10-15 minutes for the heat to really build up. But once it does, it adds such a soothing layer to the massage.

The gentle warmth complements the shiatsu movements beautifully. It helps relax tense muscles and increase blood flow to the feet and ankles. After a long day of being on my feet, this one-two punch of massage and heat is an absolute godsend for relieving aches and pains.

Smart Design for Convenience

My Honest HoMedics Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Massager Review

In terms of usability and convenience, this foot massager really shines. It has a nice compact size that fits neatly under a desk or coffee table for easy accessibility. The 9-foot power cord gives you plenty of range to position it comfortably.

And while it’s not silent by any means, the moderate whirring hum it produces doesn’t bother me much. It actually kind of adds to that “treating myself” spa vibe when I use it while watching TV or reading.

I really appreciate how hands-free the operation is too. Once you get your feet positioned properly on the massage footbeds, you can just sit back and relax. No need to apply extra pressure or manipulate anything – the motorized nodes do all the work for you.

Relieving Plantar Fasciitis Pain

For me, one of the biggest benefits has been how this massager has helped reduce my plantar fasciitis flare-ups. That sharp, stabbing heel pain was a constant nuisance before I started using this regularly. But releasing the tension in my arches and targeting my plantar fascia with the massager’s nodes has been a game changer. It’s much easier to stay active now without fear of aggravating that condition.

Some Drawbacks to Consider

In terms of negatives, there are a few minor drawbacks to mention. While the massager seems solidly built overall, there are some cheap plastic elements like the control button that feel a bit flimsy. And some reviewers have reported issues with the metallic massage nodes shedding their coating over time.

The noise level is also worth noting – this isn’t exactly a whisper-quiet machine. The rotating massage heads produce an audible (but not too disruptive) whirring hum. It’s something to be aware of if you plan to use it in very quiet spaces or while watching TV at low volumes.

– Thoughts on the Heat Function

Then there’s the heat function itself, which has gotten some mixed reviews. As I mentioned, it works by way of those incandescent bulbs rather than dedicated heating elements. So while it does provide soothing warmth, it’s not super-intense heat by any means.

But in my experience, the heat more than does the job when it comes to enhancing relaxation. The gradual warmth complements the massage so nicely and creates such a comforting sensation after muscle fatigue sets in.

– Keeping Feet Positioned

Probably my biggest gripe with this foot massager is the massager footbed shape itself. It’s essentially a flat surface, so keeping your feet properly positioned and aligned takes some occasional adjustments. Your feet want to roll inward or fall off to the sides because there’s no contoured footbed keeping them locked in place.

It would be nice to have some sort of raised borders or ergonomic grooves to help cradle the feet. As it is, you have to consciously scooch your feet back into the sweet spot from time to time to get the full heel-to-toe massage action.

Outstanding Value and Results

But in the grand scheme of things, that’s a pretty minor inconvenience. Especially when you consider how affordable and effective this foot massager is for daily use.

After dabbling with all sorts of foot relief products over the years, I can honestly say the HoMedics Shiatsu with Heat is one of the best values I’ve come across. The performance and soothing effects you get for the price are just unbeatable in my book.

Sure, there are fancier and more high-tech foot massagers out there that cost hundreds more. But for my needs – intense targeted massage combined with relaxing heat – this basic model checks all the right boxes. It’s become an almost nightly ritual to come home, slip off my shoes, and treat my barking dogs to some heavenly shiatsu bliss.

The Final Verdict

Foot pain and fatigue may always be part of my reality, but thanks to this reasonably priced yet hard-working little massager, I can manage those issues much more effectively. My feet (and my whole body) feel so rejuvenated after each session, getting me ready for another day on my feet.

Whether you’re an active person, a laborer, or just someone looking for targeted muscle relief, I can’t recommend the HoMedics Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Massager enough. It’s affordable, efficient, and most importantly – it just works wonders for sore, achy feet.

Don’t let foot pain and fatigue bring you down any longer – treat your tootsies to the shiatsu massage they deserve!

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