My Honest Breo Foot Massager Review

My Honest Breo Foot Massager Review 2024

As someone who spends a lot of time on their feet for work, I’ve dealt with painful feet, aching arches, and sore muscles in my legs for years. I’ve tried all sorts of things to find relief – from cheap foot massagers to professional deep tissue massages. When I came across the Breo Foot Massager with Heat, I was intrigued by its features and decided to give it a try based on the largely positive reviews. After using it extensively for the past few months, I can say that this foot massager has been a game-changer for me.

My Honest Breo Foot Massager Review


  • Powerful kneading, compression and rolling massage mechanisms
  • 3 levels of customizable air compression intensity
  • Soothing heat function enhances relaxation
  • Targets arches and balls of feet very effectively
  • Removable and washable foot sleeves for hygiene
  • Sleek, modern design and solid construction
  • Simple touchscreen control panel
  • Reasonably priced for the features
  • Provides excellent relief for foot/leg pain and tension


  • Doesn’t focus as intensely on heel area
  • Not very portable/bulky size
  • Can be noisy, especially on higher settings
  • Takes some trial and error to find ideal foot positioning
  • Heat could be a bit warmer for some users

Out of the Box

The Breo Foot Massager arrived well-packaged in a sturdy box. Upon opening it, I was impressed by its sleek design and solid construction. It has a nice weight to it, feeling substantial without being too heavy. The black and grey color scheme gives it a modern, almost futuristic look that I found quite appealing.

Setup was about as easy as it gets – just plug it in and you’re ready to go. The control panel has a simple touchscreen interface that makes navigating the different massage modes and settings straightforward. I appreciated that the foot sleeves were removable and washable, keeping things hygienic if multiple people want to use it.

Finding the Right Fit

As someone with larger feet (I wear a men’s size 12), I was a bit concerned about whether the Breo would accommodate my foot size based on the product description. However, I found that my feet fit quite comfortably inside the massager with a little room to spare. Those with very wide feet may find it a bit of a tighter squeeze, but for me, it wasn’t an issue.

That said, getting my feet positioned just right took a bit of trial and error at first. The instruction manual advises different foot placements for targeting different areas, and I found that pushing my feet all the way to the front tended to work best for getting an overall massage. Proper positioning is key to getting the most out of this massager.

The Massage Experience

My Honest Breo Foot Massager Review

Once I had my feet in the right spot, it was time to experience the massaging power of the Breo. And let me tell you, this thing packs a serious punch! Even on the lowest settings, I could feel the kneading and rolling mechanisms working away at the muscles in my feet and calves.

The Breo offers three different levels of air compression intensity that you can combine with various massage modes. I tend to favor the highest compression level paired with the deep kneading mode for really getting into those tight knots and relieving tension. If you prefer something a bit more gentle, the lower intensity settings are great for a relaxing massage after a long day.

One feature I particularly enjoyed was the heating function, which brings the foot sleeves up to a warm and soothing temperature. Unlike some reports I’d read claiming the heat was ineffective, I found it added a lovely extra dimension to the massage experience. It’s not scalding hot, but warm enough to enhance relaxation while the massaging mechanisms do their work.

Targeting Specific Areas

While the Breo does an excellent job of providing an overall foot massage, I found it particularly effective at targeting the arches and balls of my feet – two major areas where I tend to accumulate a lot of tension and pain. The kneading mechanisms combined with the compression really dug into those spots in a way that felt incredible.

However, I did notice that the massager doesn’t dedicate as much attention to the heels as I would have liked. There are rollers that provide some heel stimulation, but it’s not as intense or focused as the arch and ball areas. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or other heel-related issues, you may want to supplement this massager with other treatments specifically for the heels.

That said, the ability to reposition my feet allowed me to angle them in a way that brought more emphasis to the heels when desired. It’s not a perfect solution, but it helps mitigate that minor shortcoming.

Noise Level and Portability

One aspect to be aware of with the Breo Foot Massager is that it does produce a noticeable level of noise when in operation, particularly on the higher intensity settings. It’s not deafeningly loud by any means, but loud enough that using it during a quiet activity like watching TV or having a conversation could be a bit disruptive.

In terms of portability, the Breo isn’t really designed for travel. It’s a bit on the bulky side and requires being plugged into an electrical outlet to operate. You won’t be able to use this on the go, but that’s to be expected for a massager of this size and capability. It’s intended for home use, so plan to keep it in one dedicated spot.

Overall Effectiveness and Value

My Honest Breo Foot Massager Review

After months of regular use, I can say without a doubt that the Breo Foot Massager has been incredibly effective at relieving pain and tension in my feet and lower legs. The combination of kneading, compression, and heat works wonders on sore, overworked muscles. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in foot and arch pain, as well as less overall leg fatigue.

Is it a perfect foot massager? No, there are a few minor drawbacks like the lack of intense heel massage and the noise level. But for the price point, which I consider quite reasonable for a high-quality massager of this caliber, the pros far outweigh the cons.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, suffer from conditions like plantar fasciitis, or just want to treat your hard-working feet to some much-needed TLC, I can’t recommend the Breo Foot Massager with Heat highly enough. It’s been an absolute lifesaver for me and has become a crucial part of my self-care routine.

Would I Buy It Again?

Absolutely. In fact, I’ve already recommended the Breo to several friends and family members who have purchased it based on my enthusiastic endorsement. While no foot massager is perfect, the Breo comes pretty darn close in terms of delivering an effective, customizable massage experience at a reasonable price point.

For the level of relief and relaxation it provides my feet and legs after a long day of standing or physical activity, the Breo Foot Massager has more than earned its place in my home. If it ever stops working for some reason, you can bet I’ll be promptly ordering a replacement without hesitation.

Do yourself a favor and give your feet the pampering they deserve with this fantastic massager. Your feet (and legs) will thank you!

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