Aduro Altitude Training Mask Review

My Honest Aduro Altitude Training Mask Review 2024

When it comes to enhancing workout intensity and improving lung capacity, an altitude training mask can be a game-changer. I recently decided to try the Aduro Sport High Altitude Training Mask, hoping it would add a new dimension to my fitness regime. Here’s my detailed, honest review based on my personal experience with the product.

Aduro Altitude Training Mask Review


  • Effective Resistance Training: Improves lung capacity and overall stamina.
  • Durable Materials: Sturdy and well-constructed, built to last.
  • Affordable Price: Budget-friendly option at a lower price than competitors


  • Poor Fit: Runs small and tight, difficult to get a proper seal.
  • Comfort Issues: Uncomfortable for long workouts, especially around the nose and mouth.
  • Limited Adjustability: Straps offer minimal adjustability, not suitable for larger heads.
  • Deformation Issues: Mask often deformed out of the box, affecting functionality.

Initial Impressions

Aduro Altitude Training Mask Review

– Unboxing and First Impressions

When I first received the Aduro Sport High Altitude Training Mask, my excitement was palpable. The packaging was compact and neat, but upon opening it, I immediately noticed that the mask seemed a bit deformed, likely due to being tightly packed. This initial disappointment was tempered by the robust feel of the mask – it seemed well-constructed and durable.

– Design and Build Quality

The mask comes in three colors: Black, Gray, and White. I opted for the Black version, which looked sleek and professional. The mask is made from sturdy materials, and the elastic straps are breathable and appear to be built to last. However, the design has some significant drawbacks. The mask’s tight fit, which I’ll delve into later, was immediately noticeable and somewhat concerning.

Features and Specifications

Aduro Altitude Training Mask Review

– Adjustable Resistance Levels

One of the key features of the Aduro Sport High Altitude Training Mask is its four adjustable breathing levels. These levels are designed to simulate different altitudes, making your lungs work harder and theoretically improving your respiratory strength and endurance. Adjusting the levels was straightforward enough, but the practicality of these settings varied in my experience.

– Comfort and Fit

Comfort is critical for any training gear, especially something worn on the face. The mask has a head strap and is described as fitting most head sizes. However, the fit was one of the most challenging aspects of this mask. I have a relatively average-sized head, but the mask felt extremely tight and somewhat suffocating. This issue was exacerbated during more intense workouts when I needed it to be the most comfortable.

Using the Mask

Aduro Altitude Training Mask Review

– First Workout Experience

My first workout with the Aduro mask was on a treadmill. I started with the lowest resistance setting to get a feel for it. Initially, it felt manageable, but as the workout progressed, the tight fit of the mask became more uncomfortable. The mask’s nose and mouth area didn’t seal perfectly, which slightly diminished the intended resistance effect.

– Progressive Training

Over the next few weeks, I gradually increased the resistance levels. The higher settings indeed made breathing more challenging, mimicking high-altitude conditions well. This increase in difficulty added a new layer to my workouts, making them more intense and pushing my limits. However, the discomfort from the tight fit was a consistent issue, making it hard to focus on the workout itself.


– Effective Resistance Training

Despite the fit issues, the mask delivers on its promise of providing effective resistance training. My lung capacity seemed to improve after a few weeks of use, and my overall stamina increased noticeably.

– Durability

The materials used for the Aduro mask are high-quality. The straps and mask body held up well under regular use, showing no signs of wear and tear.

– Affordable Price

At $19.99, the mask is reasonably priced, especially compared to other high-altitude training masks on the market. It offers a budget-friendly way to enhance workout intensity without breaking the bank.


– Poor Fit

The most significant drawback of the Aduro mask is its fit. It runs small, and even with the adjustable straps, it was too tight. This issue seems common, based on other reviews, and significantly affects the mask’s usability.

– Comfort Issues

The discomfort from the tight fit extended to the nose and mouth area, which failed to seal properly. This not only made breathing harder but also reduced the mask’s effectiveness.

– Limited Adjustability

The straps offer limited adjustability. For those with larger heads or different face shapes, getting a proper fit might be impossible, as was the case for me. This one-size-fits-most approach doesn’t work well for a product that needs to fit snugly to function correctly.

– Deformation Issues

Many users, including myself, found the mask to be deformed straight out of the box. This deformation affects the mask’s ability to create a proper seal, compromising its functionality. It’s a significant quality control issue that Aduro needs to address.

Overall Performance

Aduro Altitude Training Mask Review

– For Cardio and Running

For running and general cardio workouts, the mask does increase the challenge and can help improve lung capacity. However, the fit issues make it uncomfortable for longer sessions. I often found myself needing to adjust the mask, which interrupted my workouts.

– For Strength Training

During strength training, the mask’s resistance settings added an extra layer of difficulty, making exercises more intense. However, the discomfort and fit issues again detracted from the overall experience.


– Final Thoughts

The Aduro Sport High Altitude Training Mask is a mixed bag. It offers effective resistance training and is made from durable materials, all at an affordable price. However, significant issues with fit and comfort severely limit its usability.

– Recommendations

If you have a smaller head and are looking for an affordable way to intensify your workouts, the Aduro mask might be a good option. However, for those with average or larger head sizes, the fit issues might outweigh the benefits. Given these considerations, I would suggest exploring other options unless Aduro addresses these design flaws.

– Possible Improvements

For the Aduro Sport High Altitude Training Mask to reach its full potential, a few improvements are necessary:

  1. Adjustable Sizing: Introducing more adjustable straps or different size options would help accommodate a wider range of head sizes.
  2. Improved Packaging: Ensuring the mask is not deformed during packaging would improve its functionality right out of the box.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: Adding padding or redesigning the mask to improve comfort and fit around the nose and mouth would make a significant difference.

In conclusion, while the Aduro mask has its merits, it falls short in critical areas. Addressing these issues could transform it from a decent budget option into a standout training tool. For now, it serves as a reminder that sometimes, you get what you pay for.

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