My Honest Theragun Massage Gun Review

My Honest Theragun Massage Gun Review 2024

When it comes to self-care and managing muscle pain, the Theragun Relief Handheld Percussion Massage Gun in Sand color has become my go-to device. This powerful tool promises to deliver effective pain relief and muscle relaxation, all while being easy to use and lightweight. After using it for several months, I wanted to share my honest experience with this massage gun. Whether you’re an athlete, a busy professional, or someone who deals with chronic muscle tension, this review will help you decide if the Theragun Relief is the right choice for you.

My Honest Theragun Massage Gun Review


  • Scientifically proven percussive massage therapy
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Easy to use with one-button operation
  • Ergonomic triangle handle reduces wrist, hand, and arm stress
  • 3-speed settings with LED indicators
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Affordable compared to other Theragun models


  • Power button placement can lead to accidental speed changes
  • Attachment removal can be difficult
  • Not as powerful as higher-end Theragun models
  • Limited reach for self-massage on certain body parts
  • Lack of a clear indicator for when it’s time to charge

Unboxing and First Impressions

My Honest Theragun Massage Gun Review

The Theragun Relief Massage Gun arrived in sleek, sturdy packaging that felt premium. Upon opening the box, I found the massage gun, three high-quality attachments (Dampener, Standard Ball, and Thumb), a charging cable, and an instruction manual. The Sand color gives the device a modern and clean look. The overall build felt robust, and the patented triangle handle design immediately stood out, promising ergonomic use.

Key Features

My Honest Theragun Massage Gun Review

– Easy-to-Use Design

One of the standout features of the Theragun Relief is its user-friendly design. With just one button to control the device, it’s straightforward to switch between its three-speed settings. The LED indicators are bright and clear, making it easy to manage the massage speeds. The device is also whisper-quiet, which is a significant advantage if you’re using it in a shared living space or late at night.

– Attachments

One of the major selling points of the TheraGun Relief is its versatility, thanks to the three included attachments:

  1. The Dampener: Ideal for tender or sensitive areas, this attachment provides a gentler massage. I found it perfect for using on my calves and other sore spots after long runs.
  2. The Standard Ball: This is a general-purpose attachment suitable for both small and large muscle groups. I used it most frequently on my thighs and lower back, where it provided effective relief from muscle tightness.
  3. The Thumb: Designed for trigger points and lower back pain, this attachment mimics the pressure of a thumb. It was particularly effective for targeting knots and deep tissue areas.

These attachments are easy to switch out, although the fit is quite snug, which can make removal a bit challenging at times. However, this tight fit ensures they stay securely in place during use.

– Ergonomic Design

Upon picking up the device, I was immediately struck by its ergonomic design. The patented triangle handle is a standout feature, offering multiple gripping options that reduce stress on the wrist, hands, and arms. This design choice became particularly beneficial during prolonged use. The device felt solid and well-balanced in my hand, with a weight of around 1200 grams.

– Battery Life

The Theragun Relief is battery-powered and boasts a long-lasting charge. From my experience, a full charge easily lasts through several sessions, even with frequent use. Charging is straightforward with the included cable, though it would have been more convenient if a USB-C charging block was included in the package.


My Honest Theragun Massage Gun Review

– Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

I primarily purchased the Theragun Relief to manage chronic neck and shoulder tension, exacerbated by long hours at the computer. From the first use, the relief was immediate. The deep tissue massage provided by the device’s powerful motor significantly reduced muscle stiffness and improved my range of motion. Even on the lowest setting, the percussion therapy penetrates deep into the muscles, providing a thorough massage.

For post-workout recovery, the Theragun Relief is fantastic. It effectively loosens tight muscles, reduces soreness, and enhances blood circulation. I found that a quick two-minute session per muscle group was often enough to experience the benefits, making it a time-efficient addition to my recovery routine.

– Noise Level

One of the major selling points of the Theragun Relief is its whisper-quiet operation. Compared to other massage guns I’ve tried, this device is impressively silent. This feature is especially appreciated when using it in the evening or in a shared space, as it doesn’t disturb others around me.

– Versatility

The Theragun Relief is incredibly versatile. I’ve used it on my neck, back, legs, shoulders, and even my feet. Each attachment provides a different type of relief, and the three-speed settings allow for customization depending on the level of muscle tension or soreness. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, muscle stiffness, or just need a quick relaxation session, this massage gun has proven to be highly adaptable to various needs.


– Attachment Fit

While the attachments are effective, they can be somewhat challenging to switch out. The tight fit ensures they stay in place during use, but it can require a bit of effort to remove and replace them. This might be a minor inconvenience for some users, especially those with limited hand strength.

– Button Placement

Another small design flaw is the placement of the power button. It’s located in a spot that can be accidentally pressed while adjusting the device during a massage. This issue can interrupt the massage session, which is a bit frustrating. However, once I got used to the positioning, it became less of a problem.

Final Verdict

Overall, I’m very impressed with the TheraGun Relief Handheld Percussion Massage Gun. It delivers on its promises of effective pain relief, ease of use, and quiet operation. The ergonomic design and versatile attachments make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their muscle health and recovery.

– Who Should Buy the TheraGun Relief?

  • Fitness Enthusiasts: If you regularly engage in intense workouts and need a reliable tool for muscle recovery, this massage gun is a great choice.
  • Office Workers: For those who spend long hours at a desk and suffer from neck and shoulder tension, the TheraGun Relief can provide much-needed relief.
  • General Users: Anyone experiencing muscle pain or tension can benefit from the versatile and effective massage provided by this device.

– Who Might Want to Look Elsewhere?

  • Heavy Users: If you need a more powerful device for very deep tissue massage or professional-level muscle recovery, you might want to consider a higher-end model.
  • Budget-Conscious Buyers: While the TheraGun Relief offers great value for its price, there are cheaper alternatives available. However, they may not offer the same level of quality and effectiveness.

In conclusion, the TheraGun Relief Handheld Percussion Massage Gun is a solid investment for those seeking an effective and easy-to-use solution for muscle pain and recovery. It’s not perfect, but its pros far outweigh the cons. I’m satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it to others looking for a reliable massage gun.

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